Ankokuronji Temple

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Ankokuronji is one of several temples of the Nichiren sect of Japanese Buddhism along the hills in the southeast of Kamakura. Nichiren himself founded Ankokuronji around 1253 when he first came to Kamakura, and he is said to have lived at the temple for several years.

Visitors can walk along a short hiking trail through the wooded hills around the temple buildings. A nice view of the city of Kamakura can be enjoyed underway. Some of the trail's passages are quite steep and should only be explored with good walking shoes and during dry weather.

Get There and Around

Ankokuronji is a 20-25 minute walk southeast from Kamakura Station.

How to get to and around Kamakura

Hours and Fees


9:00 to 16:30


Mondays (except national holidays)


100 yen
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Ideal for touring Kamakura. 2 min walk from Fujisawa Sta. of JR, Enoshima Dentetsu and Odakyu. Bicycle rent, internet , restaurant, laundry, kitchen available.

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