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Iwami Ginzan is a historic silver mine in the mountains of Oda City, Shimane Prefecture. The most prominent silver mine in Japan, it was discovered in the early 16th century and was mined for nearly 400 years.

The main attractions are divided into three areas. The Silver Mine area includes mine shafts and ruins from the area's mining period as well as a few temples and shrines. The Omori Town area includes museums, historical residences, and more shrines and temples.

The final area consists of the onsen town of Yunotsu and nearby port towns, which have their own attractions such as the mooring stones of Okidomari. The port towns are connected to the mining area by two hiking trails that also lead to castle ruins.

The preservation and revitalization of Iwami Ginzan's historic sites began over 50 years ago as a local movement. Eventually gaining prefectural and national support, the area was named a World Heritage Site in July 2007.

What To See


Yunotsu Onsen

Hot spring resort at the Sea of Japan coast.

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Omori Town

Pleasant small town with historical buildings.

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Silver Mine

Former mining area with shafts and ruins.

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Last updated: March 20, 2015
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